Music Education in the 21st Century in the United Kingdom
Achievements, Analysis and Aspirations

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Published: August 2010  

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Series: Bedford Way Papers 34
The landscape of music education in the UK is constantly shifting and developing. This book provides a timely and unique overview of this restless sector by considering the achievements of music education, analysing its current performance and setting out aspirations for the future. Music Education in the 21st Century in the United Kingdom addresses the power of music to influence and change human behavior, analyzes current and future issues in music education and casts a spotlight on particular areas of education, including early years, the primary school, the secondary school, further education, universities and conservatories, music services, the music studio and the role of music leaders and community musicians.

Written by experts in the field of music education, the book provides an authoritative account of the current status of music education in the UK. While essential to understand the current and future context in the UK, the book will be invaluable to those involved in music education internationally, as it includes chapters on the provision of music education for all children, listening, the role of singing, playing an instrument, creativity, the role of technology, issues of performance and assessment, learning through the lifespan and the initial and ongoing education of music teachers. It also includes a range of case study examples and evaluations of practice.

The book is a landmark publication in the field of music education and will be essential reading for policy-makers, practitioners, music students, trainee music teachers and those who provide music services in the UK and internationally.

Table of Contents:


Notes on contributors

1 The power of music: its impact on the intellectual, personal and social development of children and young people - Susan Hallam
2 Contextualising music education in the UK - Pauline Adams, Hilary McQueen, Susan Hallam

3 Music for all - Graham Welch and Adam Ockelford
4 Listening - Susan Hallam
5 The role of singing - Jo Saunders, Maria Varvarigou and Graham Welch
6 Learning to play an instrument - Susan Hallam and Andrea Creech
7 Creativity - Susan Hallam and Lynne Rogers
8 The role of technology - Evangelos Himonides and Ross Purves
9 Issues of assessment and performance - Ioulia Papageorgi and Susan Hallam
10 Learning through life - Hilary McQueen and Maria Varvarigou
11 The initial and ongoing education of music teachers - Colin Durrant and Kate Laurence

12 Music in the early years - Andrea Creech and Jessica Ellison
13 Music in the primary school - Jessica Ellison and Andrea Creech
14 Music in the secondary school - Hilary McQueen and Susan Hallam
15 Music in further education colleges - John Conlon and Lynne Rogers
16 Music in universities and conservatoires - Helena Gaunt and Ioulia Papageorgi
17 Music Services - Lynne Rogers and Susan Hallam
18 The music studio - Andrea Creech
19 The role of music leaders and community musicians - Andrea Creech
20 Where now? - Susan Hallam and Andrea Creech


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Reviews & Endorsements:
"This book argues clearly for every child’s entitlement to a coherent, systematic and developmental music education. Music education in the UK is not perfect. But it does try to give this quality experience to every child. There is much at stake. Read this book and fight."

- Jonathan Savage, Institute of Education, MMU , British Educational Research Journal
"...the chapters on 'The role of singing' and 'The initial and ongoing education of music teachers' are thought-provoking. ...Nearly all chapters have suggestions for further reading, for websites of interest, and for all chapters there are full references to texts and research cited in the body of the chapter."